F. Max Fearing

Take The Thought

About Max

My goal as an artist and painter is to challenge the viewer with a degree of complexity and ambiguity while impacting them on a purely aesthetic level. I continue to produce 25-30 paintings a year and have hundreds in my collection. I have gained some attention from the art world for my sensitive and original yet bold expressions of nature, landforms, culture, gender and abstractions. I call these Maxisms: Expressive Interpretive Abstractions. (Bridging the gap between depiction and perception.)

Finally at 45 started to paint.
Inspired by 90 something aunt.
I think, I reflect, I paint.
I muse, I lament, I paint.
Then I just paint.
Painting to liberate.
Abstracting the real, realizing the abstract.
Man's inhumanity to man.
Man's inhumanity to nature.
Why must it be.
It's there. My feelings, my emotions.
My answers, your interpretations.
History, Religion, Nature, The Earth, Gender, Culture, Symbols, Motifs.
A lot of what ifs.
Approaching lateness for humane tomorrows.
Life repeats circumstances, enabling change, altering outcomes, creating a future of color,
equal to form, then function without malice.
And finally just beauty.


Max's Blog


I will be having a show during First Fridays this October (that's the 2nd...) at 2000 Baltimore St. in Kansas City, MO. It promises to be a great show with lots of new work and some of your favorites. Come check it out! We'll keep you posted of any further news. Thanks for reading!


Welcome to Studio Max website, which is an ongoing work in progress with new images being added on a regular basis. Please take your time, as there will be a number of images to consider.
My hope is that this site will serve as an extensive portfolio of my original paintings, as well as a site where particlar styles or interest can be found with less time commitment. We are hoping to begin categorizing the images in the near future for further ease of viewing.
I call my collection of paintings Maxisms or Soul Abstractions. When I paint, I often find myself thinking of Don Henley's lyrics "frail grasp of the big picture". My thought process wanders through landscapes, cultures, nature, geometrics, symbols, motifs, and last but not least, the female form. I consider color before form and form before function.
I encourage you to create your own big picture, or meaning. Take the thought and come to a personal meaning that crystalizes your perception. With expressive abstraction, I find that I can have things both ways-I can create a level of reality and yet express my feelings towards that reality. I want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Picasso. He said "I paint what I think, more so than what I see, although I do paint what I have seen. Or what I imagine." Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check back soon!